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Creatine formulations of unequalled quality have been painstakingly engineered by leading UK Creatine Supplier researchers resulting in some of the most advanced supplements that are light years ahead of the competition.

Why choose Creatine Supplements?

We live, sleep and dream supplements, we specialise entirely in the exciting world of supplying health supplements. It is a fact that no other supplement has been subject to anywhere near the level of testing and scientific proof of its effectiveness than creatine has.

This however makes it even more surprising that there have been no real advances in the formulation of creatine supplements. Generally speaking whether it is creatine monohydrate, micronized creatine or creatine ethyl ester it will have been thrown in a tub or put into a pill, sometimes if your ‘lucky’ with some simple sugars to try and increase the low absorption rates and then price tag with lots if numbers put on it!

Our suppliers have addressed this issue by investing heavily in research and development of brand new creatine compounds that effectiveness places them in a whole new generation of supplementation.

Advances made are bringing creatine supplements into the 21st century with effectiveness to match.

About Creatine Supplements

Creatine is formulated with only the highest grade in partnership with one of the world’s most exciting R&D companies. By forming alliance with such powerful suppliers has allowed creatine formulations to take on a new dimension by combining our sports supplement expertise and experience with their advanced know how of advanced formulas.

This has spawned the next generation of supplements; with ranges of concentrated serums allow unrivalled absorption rates along with potency and effectiveness that’s in a league of their own.

How will all this help?

Creatine has always been an effective supplement, that’s why it has become so popular with hundreds of studies carried out upon it. Now visualize experiencing the power an improved range of these will have upon your physique.

By using creatine supplements that deliver superior grade, ultra potent creatine of which your body can absorb a higher percentage ultimately means that the effectiveness of the creatine will be increased. Imagine developing some seriously defined, lean muscle with our Aqua Lean series or packing on kilograms of powerful, raw and pure muscle mass with our Aqua Mass range.

Creatine is the key that can unlock your physical potential; the difficulty is choosing the right type for the job. These are just a couple of our many innovative solutions available to support your personal health goals.

Why are Creatine Supplements so good?

Creatine in found in small quantities naturally in red meat and some fish and also produced in the body by using amino acids. Its function forms part of the bodies’ process to produce energy. Creatine Supplements increase the amount of energy available that the muscles have to use as energy in periods of intense and rapid physical excursion. So in sports as weight lifting and sprinting creatine will be of an obvious benefit.

It has also been shown to aid in muscle recovery as well as performance by reducing levels of lactic acid in the muscle cells, which is a by-product of muscle contraction. If you have ever had stiff legs the day after running you know precisely what I am referring to!

Creatine also increases levels of muscle mass, previously some of this has been the result of water retention, however with the advent of advanced serum formulas this will be a phenomenon of the past.

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